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Hi, my name is David, welcome to Renaissance Fitness Innovations

First of all, I would like to Thank You for checking out our cool product. 

I wanted to write this myself so you get a good idea of who I am.

South African born. My father is an Irish immigrant to Africa and my mother is a generational English heritage South African native.

I'm the youngest of four children. From a tiny hamlet town on the south eastern coast of ZuluLand. I was an observer of nature and biology from very young. My mother would always be banishing every manner of insect, spider, beetle or creepy crawly. From my bed at night.

My father was a serial inventor musician and with a wandering mind. My mother was a teacher, nurse amongst other things.

Africa was the first 19 years of my life. A holiday took me to the Uk. I never returned to Africa. I met a Girl and the rest is history. After 15 years in North Yorkshire. We immigrated to Australia. Got married and now Amy and I have two amazing children, Jake and Annabella

 Aiming to get the most out of my own training is where it all 

changed for me.

Exercise on the other hand has always been in my life. It all began with gymnastics from an 

early age and progressed to competitive school sports and some more serious football as a 

young adult. As a football player( whatever your code is…. I played rugby union) Strength training and powerlifting were part of everyday life. 

By my late 20’s I was riddled with injuries from sport and compound lifting. I periodically 

worked in rehabilitation after yet another devastating injury and after even more time spent, 

watching and observing. I saw the most dramatic improvements occur when the fundamentals 

of movements were striped back and movement patterns were restored. 

 As a result, I altered and adapted my thinking. This significantly changed 

training for me and all the thousands of people I have helped. This also formed the basis for the 

subsequent, patented products I’ve invented. The Bionic Arm is just the start to this revolution.


The endeavour to regain lost abilities or persistence to improve. I noticed a pattern 

emerging, because that's what I do. I’m a lifetime obsessive observer of human 

movement patterns. Though it's in my nature to take things further. I tested what I saw over and over…..and over again. As I observed and tested is: What ‘is’ efficient in the greatest of athletes and the most novice exerciser.

 I observed that functional movements are widely regarded as one of the key fundamentals in 

exercising. Though they work to a point, they almost always seem to reach a critical mass. 

Meaning they have a finite point where improvement is no longer achievable. The angles and 

combinations can no longer sustain the posture and structure to hold or move loads. 

I know that what is often biomechanically the easiest way to perform a sporting task or move a 

weight from point A to B is not a sound or effective long term strategy. 


I wanted movements for what I always found was missing… is clear discernible, marketable and trackable movements that allow you to know when you have actually got tired without all the other human error factors that come into play. Unfortunately you cannot get rid of that but once you try the Bionic Arm this is undeniable. 

There is a lot more about this in the free ebook see the bottom of the page for details. Where you can find out how:


please feel free to reach out to 

me at david@inventfit.com.au. 


'To teach from a position of humility so you might be receptive to learn. Is the liberation of knowledge. This is my greatest desire.'


We know once you have tried it you will love this revolutionary product.