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How many of you know that mind muscle connection plays a vital role in building your muscles and retain the gains forever?
Check out the interesting case study and the connection between our unique revolutionary product the Bionic Arm that tells you about the nervous system and how it controls our muscles.

Case Study:

Below interesting case study is found in the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience. It is really impressive when you come to know about "How the brain/central nervous system controls muscles and it's movement. It also collated previously proven mechanism. Benefits of this proven mechanism are listed below. 
  • They use a repeating V-shaped learning function as a model of motor learning to look at how the brain controls muscles
  • They use a set of human subjects on a device called a PFM that allows them to conduct a set of forward reaching movements in the horizontal plane of movement.
  • Three force fields were simulated in this movement: a velocity dependent field and two divergent force fields; and compared to a null force field
  • They found that an anticipated activity of the posterior deltoid or pectorals increased significantly if the muscle had been stretched
  • If hand-path error was small, then the muscle activity decreased
  • When stimulated muscles change their anticipated activity in response to the force/resistance, joints and limbs are modified to progressively improve performance.
  • Muscle lengthening is optimized when there is stability, error, and activation
  • It's the hand's path error and whether or not they immobilized ( the forearm guard on the PFM immobilises so it can monitor the perturbation) it or took control of its paths ( that is the perturbation refers to)
This study proves all our field testing and results. It almost theoretically describe the essence of how ‘BIONIC ARM’ forces superior motor neuron recruitment by challenging all those determining factors for lengthening, optimisation, error and stability. Providing a far better stimulus in all of the movements allowing for a unparalleled environment of adaptation.

We really hope you enjoy this revolutionary product.