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$279.00 $399.00 saving $120.00


$279.00 $399.00 saving $120.00

Bionic Arm is a unique patented weight lifting device


  • It can attach to any standard size dumbbell and jump straight into your favourite workout.
  • It  enables the outstanding muscle recruitment force by identifying our prime pressing muscle groups.
  • The device uses the muscles intended for in the lift.
  • The Frame is made out of pure, high-tensile steel.
  • The elbow pads, clamp pads and handles are made out of highly durable silicone rubber material.


Working out with Bionic Arm is an extraordinary experience. Give unconditional pump to your muscles today!


    From the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience Changes in muscle activation patterns recorded in experiments provide direct support for the attributes unique to the BIONIC ARM

    Using the newest most advanced model of muscle motor learning of the central nervous system, we can explain the:

    Exceptional dexterity and rapid adaptation to change, which occurs when using the Bionic Arm. Focuses and improves human motor control in the used muscle groups. The Bionic Arm emphasises the brain simultaneously optimising stability, accuracy and efficiency.

    Muscles in use are under heavier loads while elevating joint loads. You will be in an unparalleled environment of adaptation and muscle growth.

    The Bionic Arm is designed to incorporate include a varied single hand error correction. Like represented by the above trial.



    • Stimulation and exhaustion by the ability to fully contract with either the Bionic Arm's -pressing- or-flying- movements.
    • Deltoids of the shoulders take on workload and become stronger with Bionic Arm’s pressing handles.
    • Bionic Arm makes use of smaller weights to target larger pressing muscles group. Though it is not limited to smaller weights. You can use as much as your strength allows for.
    • It deloads the moving joints while overloading the target muscles and isolating them. So that helps rehabilitation of already injured joints and rotator cuff muscles.This allows for strength, muscle building and rehabilitation. 

    No rest point ever. Work through the intended muscle groups entire range of motion  Better results for reduced time over concentrated effort. 

    Bionic Arm is Ideal for Bodybuilders, Strength athletes, Power lifters, Sports people where upper body strength and stability is crucial, swimming, Rugby, Football, boxing, MMA, Wrestling,Golf, and for almost all other Fitness enthusiasts out there looking for maximum results.